Long Time No Blog

Hello there! I haven’t blogged in forever because I’m too busy enjoying my job. That being said, I am leaving my job next year to get my Masters in Special Education. So, my job is open! This is the official job posting:

The Howard Gardner School of Alexandria, Virginia, an intentionally small, educationally progressive, independent secondary school, is seeking outstanding candidates for a full time position teaching Mathematics for the 2017-2018 school year. Using hands-on learning through environmental science and the arts, The Howard Gardner School’s mission is to help bright, creative, non-traditional learners use their unique strengths to thrive academically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Candidates will have the key traits of enthusiasm, adaptability, self-directed initiative, and a strong content area understanding across all mathematic disciplines. We are seeking a faculty member with a strong belief in, and an understanding of the importance of, differentiation in the classroom, team-orientation, a strong background or experience with outdoor education and progressive education, and the desire to work collaboratively across disciplines and curricula to foster a process oriented and nurturing educational environment.

Our week includes three full days of in-classroom education, one day of directed field studies, and one day of internships and service learning. We leave our school building entirely at least twice a year for multiple overnight camping and outdoor learning trips. Our students come from a diversity of backgrounds and have a variety of skills and needs. Portions of our student population deal with ADHD, school anxiety, or learning differences. The faculty is expected to play many roles within the community such as: teacher, mentor, field guide, advisor, parent-liaison, coach, and colleague.

We will begin the visitation and interview process on Monday, May 1st. Interested candidates should submit a resume or curriculum vitae, cover letter, and references to Admin@TheHowardGardnerSchool.org immediately. Compensation is commensurate with experience and education, and competitive with area schools. Please refer questions to the email address above.