Reading Assignment 10/26

I have SO MUCH to blog about right now! Yesterday we had an “Un-Conference” at school and I had some really cool conversations with people in the education world. I’ve also continued teaching mathematics, despite the appearance on here otherwise. I’ll be back soon with more updates, but for now, read the words of others:

Constructions Castles
This is SUCH a great idea from cheesemonkey wonders – taking geometric constructions and giving them a visual purpose. I’m not teaching these this year, but next year if I do I’ll try this out.

The SPECTRUM Alert: 8 Steps Schools Can Take to Prevent Autism Elopement Tragedy
In the category of terrifying problems I didn’t know about, have you heard of “autism elopement”?

Is This Working?
I love you, This American Life. This episode is centered around behavior management in the classroom and the positive and negative consequences of disciplinary actions. What makes this story great is that it is never prescriptive and gives a fair assessment of the pros and cons of very different systems at various schools. As a teacher, it’s impossible to hear this without a thoughtful consideration of your own management systems.

Reflective Writing in Math
I have a handful of students whose writing in my math class is never quite reflective enough, and Mary Dooms has a solution over at Curiouser and Curiouser. Come midterms time, I am trying out this chart!

100-Year-Old Math Teacher: Just Can’t Stop Teaching!
She is so inspiring! I also love/hate how Diane Ravitch sneaks an anti-charter message into this human interest story.

We Should Wish PhotoMath all the Success in the World


2 thoughts on “Reading Assignment 10/26

  1. Thanks for the shout out but be sure to read the comments on the writing in math post. Pare down the graphic organizer to perhaps 2 or 3 practices. Even with the g.o. middle school students have difficulty with the evidence portion.

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