Reading Assignment September 28th

I will admit that at this point in the school year I’m falling behind on my reading. Even so, here are a few interesting things I had time to look at:

First Day of School at the ABS on Islesford
Via Diane Ravitch, this is a close look at a tiny community coming together for the first day of school. This reminded me a little of my school because it’s so small and community-oriented. I love their goals!

Toddlers Know More Math Than You Think, Study Says This is encouraging! Young minds are intuitively able to pick up on patterns and absorb knowledge quickly. Totally worth staying for the last statement!

A Not-So-Simple Majority
Another reason to love This American Life. This story seems simple at first – a group of parents whose students do not attend public school have control over the school board. Left at that, the situation is clearly problematic. The whole story, however, is much more nuanced and it’s less clear what should be done in the community. This is a great examination of race, class, education funding, and education inequality.

Publisher Accidentally Puts Porn Star on Math Textbook
Pretty self-explanatory.

8 Mistakes Parents Make When They Help Kids Apply to College
The first one is key – we ask our students to consult Colleges that Change Lives a good amount of the time. Small schools usually have smaller class sizes, specialties, and a smaller pool of applicants (in general and for financial aid), but applicants are less likely to have heard of them. It’s not true that more well-known colleges will provide a better college experience! The rest of this is mainly about financial stuff, which is extra important nowadays, and spins into:

Congress Didn’t Pay a Lot to Go to College. Today’s Students Shouldn’t Either.
College degrees are becoming simultaneously more essential and less affordable. This is a great reminder that many middle class desires said to be unrealistic were the same conditions that were not just realistic but reality for lawmakers.

OK, I have to go get some yarn – I need to crochet an owl hat for yet another co-worker baby shower.


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