Lately and All Year

In my capacity as HGS math teacher plus, lately I have…

Been to the Country Music Hall of Fame:

cm hall of fame

Seen some art galleries in Asheville:


Hung out in a cave:

(photo cred to Hope/ the fellow cavegoer who physically took that photo)

Constructed a sustainable cardboard community with some students & my city planner friend Megan:

cardboard city

Assisted with prom:


And so so so much other stuff – taking and appearing in photos isn’t usually my priority. So now it’s the end of the school year.

The good/ bad thing about my school is that reflection, self- and otherwise is not just a suggested task or a box we have to fill out occasionally. Our structures require it. We meet as a whole staff every Friday and are constantly evaluating and reevaluating what we do and why. It can be exhausting and emotionally draining to always justify or reconsider practices, but it’s impossible to innovate without doing it.

The end of the year is a particularly good time to reflect. As a whole staff we’ve been devising exciting potential changes to our outdoor education and field studies programs. Of course I’m still focusing on my precious math curriculum and my own classroom. I have some mechanisms I can’t wait to put in place to make sure that I stay more organized. I’m also working on striking the right balance between group and individual work, on creating a culture of independent thinkers who are less dependent on me or on an algorithm, and on aligning more with the common core mathematical practices than the individual standards (I luckily have the freedom to do that).

Tragicomically I have yet to finish my grades, but that is tomorrow’s task, and a reflective one at that. I’ll be back with thoughts over the summer.