Have you watched any of ViHart’s YouTube videos? I had been alerted to them earlier this year and used the angle-a-tron one as part of a sub plan last year. Now that it’s summer and my official duties include nothing, I watched all of them, and I endorse them. I’m particularly inspired by the hexaflexagon concept. Watch:

I’ve made 2 in the last hour. Here’s one in two different states of flexigation:


These are great! I have little to no concept of their alignment with common core but they are now in the back of my mind (and the cushions of my couch).

Also, can I just state that I am thrilled to be entering into the exciting world of math blogging? I am very eager to communicate with the rest of you, especially once the school year starts back up again.


One thought on “Hexaflexagons

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